Role-playing games started as a table-top game using paper and pencils in which the one player acts as the storyteller and a referee. He or she will be called as the gamemaster or GM who will help the other players in narrating the story and interpreting and executing the rules. The popular Dungeons and Dragons is the best example for this type of game.

In modern times, role-playing games is described as a board type game wherein avatars or fictional characters are under the control of a player. Playing the game is governed by rules which are designed to assist the player in understanding his actions and that of his avatars in the realm of the online game world.

This modern times free browser games uses a personal computer or game console to play the online game. The computer works as a server for the game world which interprets all the rules. So, instead of maneuvering the game as single player, one player will have the chance to interact with other players as they take an active part in narrating the story and controlling their own personal avatars.

With the rising popularity of the game’s ability to allow millions of online users to take part in the game, the term MMO-RPG came into being. MMO is spelled out as any Massively Multiplier Online game.

Ever since Dungeons and Dragons conquered the gaming market, RPGs have established a reputation. Today, some of the most popular RPGs in the hobby market are Runescape and Warcraft.

Warcraft has around 12 million subscribers all over the world making it biggest MMORPG having offered 60% of the MMORPG subscriptions. The online game includes numerous quests to be completed and challenging creatures to conquer like wandering monsters. Characters also join a large team in during a raid they achieve the highest level to maintain interest over the game. Raiding includes organizing a war against the potent non-player character which can only be conquered through the help of a large team banding together. End game bosses who successfully defeat the characters will recover loot that will keep the players interested to continue the game over time.

Also, Runescape is another long-standing online free browser games created by Jagex, having more than ten million active subscribers. To date, it has been acclaimed as the largest subscription free MMO RPG game by the Guinness Book of World Records. The game play features a non-linear approach, a number of small games and countless quests that enable the player choose how to take his game to the next level. Getting 24 game skills may take time for the player to achieve as well as perfecting the games estimated time duration of 5-25,000 hours.

Mini RPG games are also available in thousand flash downloads which can be accessed through any browser. Majority of these games are playable without any charges and can be downloaded in just few seconds.

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